Dog Daze Playcare Policies (2022)

    • Each dog must undergo and pass an initial evaluation to determine enrollment eligibility. The evaluation rate is $20 per dog. Dog’s who are boarding will be evaluated on their second day. The first day is for them to learn the environment and get comfortable.
    • If your dog is absent from Dog Daze for an extended period of 6 months or more, it will be necessary to perform another evaluation.
    • Dog Daze Playcare, LLC reserves the right to refuse enrollment of any dog determined in the evaluation to be aggressive, anti-social or overly anxious.
  • Dog Daze Playcare, LLC reserves the right to upcharge dogs that require extra care or assistance. Examples include dogs; over a year old that are not neutered, that are not crate trained, have behavioral issues, with excessive energy levels, or that require private care . 
  • Signed waivers and all application documents are required for enrollment and must be submitted at the time of the evaluation.
  • You can sign up for a PetExec ( account. From here you can update pet information, request boardings and look at purchases and packages.
  • Your pet must be up to date or provide recent titer levels for the following:
  • (DHPP) distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus (leptospirosis is also recommended),
  • Bordetella (canine cough, aka kennel cough)
  • Rabies
  • Negative fecal float (to check for intestinal worms)
    • All vaccinations must have been given at least three (3) days prior to arrival (does not apply to boosters if the dog has been kept current).
  • In addition to the above precautions, your pet will need to be on year-round heartworm and flea/tick preventative (see your vet for more information).  
  • If your dog is showing any signs of illness (coughing, vomiting, diarrhea) do not bring them to daycare.

Daycare Policies

  • Please bring dogs on a fixed length lead (4- 6 foot is best) with a collar at the time of drop-off (all collars including choke chains, pinch collars or harnesses will be removed for playtime and given back at the time of pick up). 
    • NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES. Retractable leash cords can cause serious burns, deep cuts, and strangulations.
  • Late Pickup Fee – $5 charge for every 5 minutes past closing (6 pm weekdays, 5 pm Saturdays). If you have not contacted us by closing time the dog will be checked into the boarding facility for the night.  The dog can then be picked up during business hours the following day.  Boarding charges will apply as well as an additional day of daycare if not picked up by 10AM.
    • Late Drop off Fee- $15 charge for any drop offs after designated hours. (10am and 4pm weekdays, 9am and 5pm Saturdays). We keep a strict schedule to best care for the dogs.
  • Treadmill Fee- $10 for every 10 minutes. If your dog requires a reduction in their energy level before they can be successfully introduced into pack, the treadmill will be used, and a fee will be charged to your account. 
  • Reservations are required! Especially during peak boarding times, we may reach capacity and have to turn away drop-ins.
    • Discount packages expire in 2 months (60 days).  Discount packages require placement on a repeating schedule. Less than one week notice for cancellations you will be charged for the day of care. Packages are for convenience and ease of checkout, as well as to reward our most frequent attendees with our lowest prices.  Please purchase a new package by the end of the last day of the previous package.  If there is daycare attendance in between packages, it will be full price.
    • Cancellations must be in writing (email, text or handwritten form from front desk) and given 72 hours before the scheduled daycare day. If a cancellation is not received then any current package or card on file will be charged for a daycare day. If you do not have a current package at the time of a needed charge, the standard daycare rate will apply.
    • If your dog accrues 3 semi-consecutive NCNSs (No call, no show) they will be removed from the repeating schedule for future dates. We will no longer be calling to confirm no call no show.
    • All pets over a year of age should be spayed or neutered. Unneutered males over this age and females in heat will not be allowed in pack.
    • Dog Daze may close at times of inclement weather – please check with us during bad weather if you are unsure. Because we are a boarding facility, we will still have people here to take care of the dogs. Notice of closures will be sent out as an email and posted on our facebook before opening business hours. If no cancellation is announced, clients are still expected to attend their scheduled day (or cancel via email/text before business closes the day prior to a storm). 
  • Dog Daze is happy to provide oral medications and food based upon client instruction. DO NOT bring more than a single serving for your dog’s stay during daycare. Also note that dogs who do not typically eat 3 meals a day will most likely not eat it while at daycare. 
  • Automatic E-Mails – our software will automatically send you an email when you are down to 1 day left on any package. You will also get an email when your pet’s shots expire.  If you have already bought a new package or brought in current vet records, you can just ignore the email. If you are not receiving emails please check that the front desk has your correct email.

Boarding Policies

  • Reservations are REQUIRED for boarding. Payment is due at drop off. We recommend drop off BY early morning so your dog has time to play before being put to bed for the evening. Please only book what you need, there is no refund for arriving early to pick up your dog. We are closed from 10am-2pm during the week so your dog cannot be dropped off at this time.
  • All boarding deposits are nonrefundable. We require a deposit of at $50 for all boardings non-peak. If you cancel with at least 72 hours advance notice, you may keep the deposit as a credit for future use. During peak boarding seasons (all long holiday weekends, spring break, summer break, and from Thanksgiving through New Years) the deposit is half the cost of the stay. Cancellations at any point during peak season will forfeit deposits. This will be applied to your bill at checkout. 
  • All cancellations must be received in writing for a refund to be considered. Accepted forms of cancellation include email ([email protected]), text message (660-441-7555) or handwritten notes. Paper forms can be found at the front desk if you want to cancel in person. 
  • Boarding charges are per night– daycare on the day of drop off is included, and free of charge on the day of pickup if dog is picked up by 10AM.  Dogs picked up after 10AM will be charged for a day of daycare.  If not picked up by 6PM, they will be checked back into boarding for another night.
  • Please drop your dog off before 4pm on the first night of boarding so they have to acclimate before the night.
  • The only required item to bring with them while boarding is your dogs’ food. We are happy to feed them our food if necessary, there is a $4 per meal charge. We feed Fromm Family Classics.
  • Keep belongings to a minimum.  We have blankets and bowls and toys to provide. Do not bring anything you would miss if it was lost. 
  • Sunday pickup – may not be available during peak boarding times, and ONLY BY APPOINTMENT made ahead of time.  Pickups will be at 5:00PM and must be paid in full at drop off.  There will be an extra charge for Sunday pickup. THIS WILL NOT ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE, but is available as a courtesy as staffing allows.

Private Boarding- Dog Daze Playcare reserves the right to suggest an exercise regime for high energy private boarding dogs. The cost for the additional care is $10 per day for private exercise. Circumstances where this may be suggested include individuals that have a history of aggression within the facility, failed a social evaluation, are unaltered, or private per owner request.